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Best Place to Buy a 5th Wheel in the UK

It is possible that we may be slightly biased, but our answer is no less accurate as far as we're concerned... that's right, the best place to buy a 5th wheel in the UK is right here at CCRV!

This is a brief guide to help you prepare yourself when looking for a 5th wheeler for sale in the UK. Got any questions? Just get in touch with us on all the usual channels.

What Do These 5th Wheel Model Numbers Mean?

If you've been browsing our stock of 5th wheel campers then you will have noticed the model numbers tend to share common letters. Here's your guide to help you identify what these letters mean in regards to layout. This'll make it easier to browse our site to find the perfect new (or pre-owned) American Caravan to buy, be aware though that the use of these codes can vary between manufacturers.

BH - Bunkhouse

A caravan model specifically designed with a separate area for bunk beds, catering to families with children or larger groups.

RK - Rear Kitchen

A caravan model where the kitchen is located at the rear, offering more counter space and separation from the living and sleeping areas.

FW - Front Window

Of special interest to those that know they have a view that can be enjoyed from the front of the RV. Panoramic windows in the nose give you extra light and more to look at.

QB - Queen Bed

Most of CCRV's fifth wheels have enough bedroom space to incorporate a UK Kingsize bed - so these are offered as standard. We do offer modification services here, so if you'd like a Queensize bed just let us know.

RB - Rear Bathroom

Typical in larger models where a bathroom rear bathroom enhances privacy from living areas of the RV.

S - Single Slide

RV's equipped with a single slide-out section that expands the living space of a fifth wheel when it is sited.

RE - Rear Entertainment

A caravan model that places the entertainment center or TV at the rear, typically surrounded by seating options.

SS - Super Slide

A Super Slide is a larger version of the above Single Slide. These slide-out sections increase the width of the RV, typically in the main living area.

RL - Rear Living

A caravan model with a living area positioned at the rear, often equipped with comfortable seating, large windows, and entertainment amenities.

TB - Twin Bed

Twin bed configurations are not standard in the American 5th Wheels we offer at CCRV. However, this simple modification is available as a service should you need.


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