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Own a holiday home in a different county every season!

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Own a holiday home in a different county every season!


Own a holiday home in a different county every season!

- for touring & full-time living -


Including UK Truck Towable Models, New & Pre-owned
For Touring, Occasional Living, Full Time Living
CCRV 5th wheel american caravans

5th Wheel American Caravans,
Touring RV's New and Pre-owned

New, ex-demo, pre-owned and the occasional ready to go rig are available at CCRV. Take a look…

1600x1200 05_edited.jpg

American 5th Wheel Caravan RVs for Full Time Living

That "Winnebago" American RV lifestyle of full time living is easy and affordable - find out more.

5th wheel hitch fitting uk

Professional Installation Services

Get the right equipment installed by professionals that know the job inside and out.

mobile holiday homes to own uk

Mobile Holiday Home

No truck needed!  Buy your unit and arrange delivery and moving to a new site with us.  We take care of it!

green room hire uk

Hire for Self Build & Green Rooms

Static hire available for self build and renovations and the film industry for green rooms and star trailers.

5th wheel friendly sites uk

5th Wheel Pitch Sites in the UK

Take your touring 5th Wheel to these sites around the UK and enjoy the adventures life offers.



One of our most popular videos shows that, because part of the 5th wheel is "in" the truck, our RVs are not much longer than a caravan rig. Compare them inside though and there's a world of difference!

Join us over on YouTube for helpful videos about our UK 5th wheel stock - perfect for anyone thinking of buying a 5th wheel or those who want to get the most from them.

1920x1080 buyback (3).jpg

Yes, we buy pre-owned RV's, especially Rockwoods. 

Give us a call, find out more…

1920x1080 Polar Pack.jpg

Double glazing throughout, vacuum bonded walls with built in insulation, thick roof insulation, enclosed underbelly, heated holding tanks, a 35k BTU boiler, ducted warm air central heating, ceiling fan and air conditioning...  You'll find the Rockwood range of units on offer at CCRV are perfect for those who want to adventure all year round or live full time.

1920x1080 white Rockwood 2.jpg

Come over to Facebook, say hi, meet other Fifth Wheel owners and get a feel for the most down-to-earth company you ever met!

ccrv uk 5th wheels


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Contact Paul, Avril and Ash with your questions about our Fifth Wheel RV stock, our installation services including hitches, solar panels and truck uprating (find out more here), our Mobile Holiday Home service, storage and anything else to do with UK 5th Wheels.

Unit tours can be arranged Monday to Saturday but must be booked in advance as our small team needs to be organised in able to show you around a wide range of in-stock units.


Use the contact button below to get rolling.

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