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Forest River Rockwood RV's

The best 5th Wheels in the UK from CCRV


Fully Converted for UK use including IVA on applicable models

Touring units tow on a C1+e driving license  ›  No HGV required


With a Rockwood from CCRV you'll have the total experience of American RV living in a vehicle converted and ready for use in the UK and Europe.  These fully equipped 5th Wheels offer contemporary design and modern, open plan living.  Good?  As far as we are concerned, they can't be beaten on price, build quality or the included 'extras'.


The smaller models we stock are ideal base camps for your adventures and ideal for touring - you can pull them under a C1+e license. Larger units have masses of space, are the perfect choice for long term users.  These we can supply for static use though they are towable with the correct license/vehicle.


With the included Polar Pack of upgraded insulation and double glazing you'll find the Rockwood range is the choice for four season living and touring.   Most of our units are accepted at most campsites so you'll be spoilt for choice on your weekend breaks and holidays.

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View models by price:


Rockwood 2445WS  |  £54,995

Rockwood 2442BS  |  £54,995

Rockwood 2622RK  |  £59,995

Rockwood 301RK  |  £62,995

Rockwood 8294BS  |  £69,9995

Travel Trailer (USA Caravan)

Rockwood 8324SB  |  £66,995

The Best UK 5th Wheels

Over the years that we researched and sourced American 5th Wheel Caravans, we came to the conclusion that the Rockwood Ultralite's were best in class for the UK market.  We've visited the manufacturing plant at Millersburg, Indiana, USA several times and have been impressed with the quality of components and standard of construction.  If we were buying for ourselves, this is what we would look for in a unit, especially when considering quality, longevity and reliability.

For decades we have been approved by Forest River as the UK's exclusive dealer for Rockwood Signature Lite and Ultralite models. If you're in the market for best in class, best value you'll be getting in touch with us, Paul and Avril at CCRV for a tour of these excellent units.

1920x1080 FOOTER Training tiny.jpg

Arrive at our campsite for an included 3 night stay.  Paul, Ash or Dave will give you the walkaround and show you all your unit's features, tell you the do's and don'ts, offer advice and give you instruction on hooking-up, setting-up, reversing, towing and driving your new rig.


You'll be confident when you get on your adventure!

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