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Forest River 5th Wheels

Any unit imported from the states and made UK ready

Let CCRV's experience take the stress out of acquiring the 5th wheel of your dreams

You could contact Stateside dealerships to order and pay for a unit.  You might enjoy the various mountains of complicated paperwork.  Perhaps you already have a suitable towing unit and can navigate your way around a dock yard to bring your RV home.  It's possible you have the skill and knowledge to convert an RV to meet the standards required by UK law.  After all that,  if you need one, you'll have no problem taking care of an IVA and DVLA paperwork to get your 5th wheel on the road!


Then again, you could just give us a call on 01638 515700.  Much easier!  We'll take care of everything from the first phone call to getting your American Rockwood RV on to the UK's roads.

Trust our respected family business that has hundreds of happy 5th wheel owners on the road

Of course, you'll need to have complete faith in any company taking your money on the promise of delivering a complete service and a road legal 5th Wheel.  The internet will tell you that Paul and Avril of CCRV are the UK's best choice for this kind of service.

Check around the web, our website, socials, YouTube... get a feel for us, and if you'd like to find out more just give us a call.


CCRV will take care of all aspects of getting any Forest River 5th wheel from the States to the UK:


  • procurement from US dealer

  • transit to docks in the US

  • export paperwork and costs

  • import paperwork and costs

  • VAT and Tax implications

  • collection from UK docks

  • VOSA/DVLC preparation

  • conversion of gas

  • conversion of electrics

  • IVA certification if applicable 

  • delivery if required

Forest River Rockwood 5th Wheels

Any unit imported from the States and made UK ready


Choose any Rockwood 5th Wheel model from Forest River and we'll take care of everything for you

Contact CCRV on 01638 515700 for details about the service CCRV provide that covers the entire process of getting an RV from our American dealership to the roads of the UK.

We can also provide advice on the right vehicle and UK driving license required to tow a 5th wheel that can't be pulled with a UK truck.

All you need do is choose, pay and leave the rest to us, we can even deliver your new RV to any suitable site in the UK.

We will take care of all aspects of getting any Rockwood 5th wheel on to the roads of the UK.

Examples of Rockwood 5th wheel floorplans available to order through CCRV

Get in touch to find out more…

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