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Whatever your need for additional living space you'll find our RV's work as the perfect instant annexe.  Completely self-contained living that will fit in most gardens and even driveways.


Our sister company, UK Granny Annexes, is a side of our business that specialises in providing 5th wheel caravans for static use as an extension to a property's available living space.

Often chosen to bring elderly relatives closer to home, as a means of providing a young couple a place to live while saving to get on the property ladder and more recently as a way of a partner being safely separate from the household.

Should you require we can also provide a service that connects your RV to your household services as well as building decking and ramps to extend the convenience and use of the 5th Wheel as a separate home.

Visit the UK Granny Annexe website to find out more.

instant garden rooms


Popular in the States for decades, the Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers we offer as homes are ideal for anyone in need of 'ready to go' living space to add to their doorstep.

UK Granny Annexes' mobile homes are an affordable alternative to an annex extension, log cabin, garden office or portable cabin.  A mobile home RV effectively adds a second home to your plot almost over night with all models incorporating a fully fitted and functioning kitchen, dining area, living room, bedroom and bathroom with shower, WC and wash basin.


The primary advantages are:​

  • Speed of delivery

  • Fully fitted and furnished

  • A complete, independent home

  • Simple to connect to services

  • Easily moved or removed

  • No planning required

Our customers are often parents looking for accommodation for their children; affording them independence at home without high rent. For young couples attempting to save deposits for property while staying with parents/in-laws and requiring personal space.  For those who need to be available to elderly parents; bringing them home, giving them their own space and being able to help.​

There is also the option of hire for those uncertain of how long they'll need the living space, and for anyone that wants to 'test the water' before purchase.

If a mobile RV home from sounds like a viable option for your needs please contact us on 01638 515700, email us here for for further details or visit the UKGA website here.

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