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Thatcham Approved Tracker Installation

Cross Country RV have been approved to supply, fit and commission the insurance approved

Pro 3 Tracker from Phantom. Know if your vehicle has been interefered with, is moving, where it is and more.

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Phantom Pro3 Tracker & Installation

Cross Country RV have been approved to supply, fit and commission the insurance approved Pro 3 Tracker from Phantom.

Phantom Pro III ®

This unit can send alerts to Phantom when a theft is actually in progress. When they receive the alert they contact you by telephone to make you aware of the situation. At this point you can confirm whether it is an actual theft or a false alarm.

If you don’t currently have an alarm system CCRV can provide and fit one at a discounted rate when purchased alongside the tracking unit. Alternatively, you can use the on board motion sensor on the tracking unit, which detects when the vehicle is in motion.

Protection With the Phantom Pro 3, you can keep an eye on your 5th Wheel caravan and ensure that if the worst happens that the vehicle is retrieved as fast as possible.

Live Location

Anywhere you have internet connection you'll be able to pinpoint the location of your 5th Wheel to within 8 feet. Know wherever it is, wherever you are.


See where your 5th Wheel is with this exclusive app which also displays your current battery status, mileage charts, and battery history.

Motion Detection

The Pro3 senses movement and instantly reports back any interference with your 5th wheel making you aware of potential damage or theft.

Helpful Alerts

Be aware of whats happening to your vehicle via system alerts about battery condition, movement and more - providing you added peace of mind.

Battery Management

The Phantom Pro III units are programmed to carefully monitor your vehicles battery, alerting Phantom to any interference and warning them when your battery begins to run down. You can also monitor your battery with their online portal and smart phone App.

Is there a subscription cost?

Yes, Phantom charge a competitively priced subscription at either £125 per year or £399 for a five-year subscription. After the subscription period ends you can either pay the same again or signup to their £10.99 monthly direct debit.



Professionally Installed

These systems connects to your existing leisure battery to keep it topped up.

150w System, fully fitted: £395 + VAT

300w System, fully fitted £595 + VAT

The following is a standalone off-grid system, which is only available when installed by CCRV.

600w Off-grid system of high quality components, including panels, controller, all cabling, two 100Ah leisure batteries. Fully installed: £1695 + VAT

Supplied for DIY Installation

Same systems as above but delivered to your door for you to install yourself.

150w System, fully fitted £295 + VAT

300w System, fully fitted £450 + VAT


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