Professional 5th Wheel Hitch Installation

We install professional grade solar panel systems on all 5th wheels and RVs so you can store and use free electricity. Tailor made systems for off-grid living with inverters for converting 12v to 240v/120v can be made to customer needs.

Fitted and ready to pull, this Curt Fifth Wheel Hitch is one we installed earlier...

Fifth Wheel Hitches, UK

Supplied and installed at CCRV

It's likely we've installed hundreds of hitches since we first began, so our experience of putting hitches into UK and American trucks is unbeatable.

How Long Does it Take? Our team will have the job complete same day. Arrive on site by 9.30am, collect by 3pm. We are able to offer you a loaner car so you can visit around the local area while you wait.

DIY 5th Wheel Hitch Installation

The kits we install can also be supplied for DIY installation. Full instructions are supplied with every kit, and assuming you have a reasonable level of skill you should find installation quite straightforward. Do check your warranty and insurance policy in advance of ordering.



Professionally Installed

Including hitch, professional installation, access to a loan car and VAT

£1,440 inc. VAT

Supplied for DIY Installation

Hitch kit delivered to your door for you to install yourself.

Hitch Kit, £775 inc. VAT