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Uprate Your Train Weight

Airbag suspension will not only increase the total load capacity of your rig but will also improve the load carrying performance, braking, steering and handling of your rig. An airbag kit will improve the comfort of your ride and put your focus of your headlights on the road rather than into oncoming traffic. When fitted correctly, airbag suspension can reduce wear and even lower the maintenance costs on your truck.

Train Weight Capacity Increased

Increase your truck's towing capacity with CCRV's uprating service. As an example of upgrade the new model Ford Ranger 3.2L Turbo Diesel from 6,000Kg to 7,000Kg train weight.

Many other trucks can be uprated including the popular Nissan Navara and Isuzu. Find out about your vehicle by giving Paul a call on 01638 515700.

As Seen on TV

Checkout the video below, pulled from our YouTube 5th Wheel channel, it gives you an idea of what an airbag kit is, the process of installing and some useful info. Decide if you'd like to install yourself or have us take care of it for you.



Uprating Service

Raising the maximum train weight of suitable vehicles.

Service includes the airbag system, fitting, plating and DVLA paperwork at £1,200 + VAT


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