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Fifth Wheels • Sales, Accessories, Fitting & Repairs

Cross Country RV 61 James Carter Rd, Mildenhall, Suffolk. IP28 7DE.  Book a 5th wheel viewing at our campsite, 2 miles from our offices.


Please call before coming to view

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• Conversion of electrical systems from 240v to 120v - all US appliances will work in your vehicle


• Short term hire and mid-term rent of Amernican 5th wheel motorhomes

• Fifth Wheel shipping from the USA into the UK and Europe


• UK registration of US vehicles and completion of all paperwork

5th Wheel Services from Cross Country RV

This is a version of Mo & Dick's Big Pitch Guide that's currently with the good folks at Monster Movers.  Take a look around for locations that will accept a variety of 5th wheels and use the handy contact info' to find out more about the site of interest. We don't know how up-to-date this is!

It's always a good idea to get in touch with others that have been on tour in a 5th wheel to get their experiences. Stop in at the CCRV Facebook page or visit the 5th Wheel owners group  5th Wheel Adventure.

Big Pitch



CCRV are not responsible for any errors, omissions or external content and strongly advise that tourers contact any site in advance of travelling!


For new Rockwoods, Crusaders and Pumas, plus pre-owned units, hire, siting and relocation, repairs, service & accessories please contact Cross Country RV.

01638 515 700


Office: 61-62 James Carter Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk. IP28 7DE. UK.

Customers must call to book a viewing otherwise staff may not be available at our campsite and your journey will be wasted.

Please get in touch Monday to Friday


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And there's more...

• Fifth wheel hitches professionally installed or available for DIY.


• Qualified and experienced 5th wheel mechanics for annual services on fifth wheels plus work on UK and US trucks.