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Fifth Wheels • Sales, Accessories, Fitting & Repairs

Cross Country RV 61 James Carter Rd, Mildenhall, Suffolk. IP28 7DE.  Book a 5th wheel viewing at our campsite, 2 miles from our offices.

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• Conversion of electrical systems from 240v to 120v - all US appliances will work in your vehicle


• Short term hire and mid-term rent of Amernican 5th wheel motorhomes

• Fifth Wheel shipping from the USA into the UK and Europe


• UK registration of US vehicles and completion of all paperwork

• Fifth wheel hitches professionally installed or available for DIY.


• Qualified and experienced 5th wheel mechanics for annual services on fifth wheels plus work on UK and US trucks.

5th Wheel Services from Cross Country RV

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Without ever towing it or even owning a truck!


Get your 5th Wheel from CCRV and we'll deliver it to your chosen holiday site. If you want to enjoy a new site next season, just call and we'll collect and relocate it for you.


Ask us for details on 01638 515700.

Own a Holiday Home in the Most Desirable Location

Think of all those places in the UK that you love, or would love to spend time. Places of culture, beauty, interest or countryside and coastline... now imagine having your own home at any of those places.


You can own that holiday home for much less than you'd think, and not just at one location, but at all those dream places! We supply, deliver, relocate and store. You holiday where you like, whenever you like. Find a suitable seasonal or permanent pitch anywhere on any mainland UK campsite and we'll deliver and set it up.



Buy one of our holiday RV's and we'll deliver it to any suitable site of your choosing. Enjoy your holiday home, when you're ready to move on to the next destination, give us a call and we will collect and relocate your unit.




For example, we could site your mobile holiday home in Dorset, then next season enjoy a staycation in Somerset, then Devon, then Cornwall.


We have customers who site their units near family who have moved across the country. Whenever they get the chance they visit, staying in their own home; time with grandkids without getting in the way - another great use of our RV's.

Enjoy Your

There are several excellent units within our Mobile Holiday Home range - choose the one that suits you, let us know where you'd like it located, and we'll get her on the road.


American RV caravans are made for long term living, so you can rest assured that you'll be able to enjoy your home all year round.  Head over to our Facebook page to talk to others that have purchased from us, or get a feel for the adventure at this Facebook 5th Wheel group.


If you're ready to find out more get in touch with Paul on 01638 515700 for a friendly, non-commital chat about CCRV's Mobile Holiday Homes.

01638 515700

Ask about our "no truck needed" holiday home service

Suitable sites at hundreds of UK destinations…



In short, buy from us and we deliver to your suitable seasonal or permanant pitch at a UK mainland campsite. We can also provide a collection/winterizing/storage/re-location service at excellent rates exclusively to our customers.



To checkout some of the destinations you could site an RV

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Holiday Home


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You Don't Need a Truck!


CCRV 5th Wheels & Caravans

delivered • stored • moved

CCRV mobile holiday home • 5th Wheel American caravan

We site and relocate, not truck needed, no towing to do

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